Risk Appetite

Unripe fruit at the top of the tree
these are more difficult to pick however we can

accommodate on a selective basis

• Restaurants/Pubs

• Hotels

• Cafés

• Food (exc-frozen)

• Chemical Risks

• Paper/Cardboard

Ripe fruit in the middle of the tree

these are trades we can typically consider


• Contractors Liability

• Glass

• Metal Workers

• Plastics

• Textiles

• Printers

Low hanging ripe fruit

these are trades we consider to be target business


• Residential Property Owners

• Commercial Property Owners

• Manufacturing

• Retail


• Warehousing/Distribution

• Office

• Engineering

• Electronics


Rotten apples

these are trades we decline

• Woodworking

• Care Homes

• Nurseries/Schools


• Waste/Recycling

• Motor trade

• Farm


Each submission will be reviewed on a case by case basis and is subject to underwriters completing reasonable searches (including reviewing claims experience), acceptable trades are not a guarantee to accept each and every case within said trade. Should you wish to discuss an individual case with one of our underwriters, please contact us on 0845 606 6788.




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